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GCDEV Link Hub

27 Links (updated Sun March 7th, 2004)
Dextrose Gamecube Forums
Nice forum with frequent, quality posts, a good hub for the gcdev community. Mostly software related but does have info useful for hardware hackers.
Dextrose Gamecube News
Frequently updated GameCube development news and tools.
GameCube Development
GCDev is another good hub site that brings together many of the people in the community. Not as many posts as Dextrose, but everyone should be able to find some useful info here.
Torlus Console Development
Home of DevKitCube, a gcc compiler available for Windows and Linux. A necessary download for those interested in homebrew GameCube development.
Duke's Coding
Small but excellent resource for video interface, DVD, hardware register, memory mapping and more.
Internal Reality
This is a great site to download some really useful GameCube (and other console) development tools.
The Pern Project
This is the site that and connects to. Mostly news and links, not much here right now as the scene is still in its infancy, but as the scene blossoms I expect this site will as well.
GCNDEV Yahoo! Group
A Yahoo! group that is just starting out but already appears to have attracted some intelligent members. This is connected to Pern Project.
A Look Inside the GameCube
An excellent resource for someone about to crack open the case for the first time and anyone else who wants to know about the GameCube's innards. Great pictures.
GameCube Mod Center
Not updated anymore but click on Tutorials for some awesome mods: DIY region hack, RGB cable, and LED mods. (all useful info on this site is in PDF format).
How to Make a GameCube RGB (VGA) Cable
This is the guide to making the RGB cable in HTML format (it is the exact same thing as the PDF formatted RGB guide hosted on DrEggman's GameCube Mod center)
How to Make a GameCube RGB SCART Cable
This site documents how to build your own RGB SCART cable, something Europeans should find useful. Also has info on how to adapt this project for a Panasonic Q.
Intro to PPC ASM
The GameCube uses an IBM Gekko PPC750CXe. Although its more than a few years old, this site gives a good introduction to PPC assembly programming.
IBM PPC 750CX / 750CXe Manual
This is IBM's official user's manual for the PPC750CX / 750CXe microprocessors and includes much useful information which pertains to the CameCube's Gekko PPC, which is a derivative of the PPC750CXe. One might also want to visit the main PPC750CX / 750CXe technical library.
GC-nfo Forum
This site has some really great information for hacking and reverse engineering the GameCube. Many interesting posts on this forum.
GameCubeHacker Forums
This is a good place to stay informed with whats going on with the hacking community. Appears to be Euro based, most of the posts are in English even though its mother site is in Spanish.
GameCubeHacker (en Espanol)
This is a Spanish GameCube hack/dev site which stays updated often. Usted habla espaņol? Vaya por favor a GameCubeHacker.
GC Demos
An excellent, all-encompassing site that features tool downloads, demos, code example, news, and a small forum. Definitely keep an eye on this site.
An elegantly designed GameCube hacking site that features news, downloads, forums and other good relevant info for the community.
Nice site updated with fresh GameCube development news, links and a nice forum. Well known site for other consoles, the GC section is small but growing.
OpenGC Library
Peter from console-dev has put together an awesome resource for homebrew development, including fully documented code and graphics tool.
GameCube Shading Technologies
This is an extremely in-depth article writing from an official developer's perspective about integrating the GameCube's varied shading technologies.
Warp Pipe Project
Open Source project for playing LAN enabled GameCube games on the internet. Includes documentation on GameCube networking protocol. Great site.
A fresh new site with slick design, not much content right now but keep an eye out cause the site is growing fast.
GameCube Linux
The Linux operating system has been ported to the GameCube! Although not fully functional, progress is being made at an astounding rate!
GC Hack (en Francais)
A nice French GameCube hacking site, with regularly updated news, articles and tutorials.
U.S. Copyright Law
We in the gcdev community are well aware of the U.S. copyright law and abide by it. Anyone who claims this is a "piracy" scene is misinformed.

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